Here's How Struttin' Your 

Shoes or Shoe-Selfies Could

Make you a WINNER!


We will feature 3 contests at Shoe Strut!
​Contest Rules: Must be a registered guest of Shoe Strut and present at the event to win.  Not all photo submissions are guaranteed to be displayed at Shoe Strut dependent upon number of submissions received.

Contests... shoe selfies... what?

Example of a "shoe-selfie".

Use the form below to

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you may email your contest submission to:

Contests Categories Include...



*This contest winner will be selected on the day of Shoe Strut and is based by vote on the person wearing the "best shoes" at the event.  Instructions:  Glam it up and wear your best shoes to Shoe Strut this year! 


+ "What Was I Thinking?!?"

*Submit a "shoe-selfie" (see definition above) of the worst, ugliest, most outrageous "what was I thinking when I wore these shoes?" picture.   Instructions:  Take a picture of your "what was I thinking?" shoes and submit it to us here using the form to the right. Or, send it via email to with "WHAT WAS I THINKING" as the subject.


+"Struttin' My Stuff!"

*Submit a "shoe-selfie" (see definition above) of your hottest, most complimented-upon, and "I am struttin' my stuff when I wear these shoes" picture. Instructions:  Take a picture of your "struttin' my stuff" shoes and submit to us here using the form to the right or email it to with "STRUTTIN' MY STUFF!" as the subject.


shoe-selfie - /SHoo/-/'self-ee/  noun informal

1:  a photograph one has taken of ones shoe(s)  typically taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.

2 :  a photograph that does not show ones upper body or face, simply the covering of the foot i.e shoe(s)

EXAMPLE: "I was wearing my cutest shoes today so I took a shoe-selfie, uploaded it to and I won an amazing prize at Shoe Strut!"